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history1Tony Amanti founded Advance Mfg., Co., Inc. in 1961 with a handful of employees, a few machines, 10,000 square feet of shop space, and a pledge to deliver customer satisfaction and to provide quality parts that would meet customer needs.
Less than two years later, the company moved into a new 17,000 square foot facility.

Our growth had only begun.

Early on, our adherence to excellence and the strength of our values enabled us to establish a solid base of core customers that includes such prestigious names as General Electric, Kollmorgen, Hamilton Standard, Raytheon, and Honeywell. As the commercial industries of power generation and aviation grew at a rapid pace and technology evolved, the needs of our nation’s defense department also escalated. Superior precision machining became increasingly essential.

history2It wasn’t long before the computer age was underway, and our ability to diversify led us toward the new business of semi-conductors, and toward pioneering customers such as Lam Research, Brooks Automation, and SVG (Silicon Valley Group).

Around that time we also developed and patented cutting edge products including the innovative hydraulic torque wrench, field-ready calibration stand, and the first computerized torque system that integrates precision tooling on a complex assembly procedure for the world’s leading jet engine manufacturers. (In all, Advance has designed and engineered over a dozen different systems, without which most of the jet engines flying throughout the world today could not have been built.)

Along the way, Mr. Amanti’s three sons and one daughter joined their father in the company. Together they have built the company into a thriving, global business, with sophisticated processes and state-of-the-art capabilities that have resulted in work on projects as critical as components for America’s Patriot missiles, as intricate as film processing equipment, and as exacting as the runners on the United States 4-Man Bobsled that won Gold at the 2010 Olympic Games. Our machined components have also been to the depths of the ocean, on periscopes in military submarines, to the far reaches of outer space in the International Space Station, and with the astronauts when they repaired the Hubble Telescope.

From our modest beginnings, we now employ a staff of over 200 in our 120,000 square foot, environmentally-controlled facility.

history3We are proud to remain family-owned and managed, as three generation of Amantis now continue the tradition of quality, customer satisfaction, and excellence.

The Amanti Family